Friday, September 23, 2011

Looking for Real Estate on Ambergris Caye? Choose ONE Realtor to Work With

"In this series I'd like to present to you 5 very good reasons why you should pick a good realtor that you trust and feel comfortable with and use him to see you through the buying and investing process.

Some of my clients choose to try to do this alone and attempt to work with several different realtors on Ambergris Caye thinking they will get better service or a better deal somehow. In reality that backfires on them.

They don't get the service or commitment they are after because they have not committed themselves. Here are the facts.

If you really want the best experience as you buy your slice of paradise in Belize read on.

RE/MAX Island Real Estate - Why Commit Reason #1

I can do a better job for you. With commitment and loyalty comes trust.

I can do ten times more for a client if they are committed and they trust me. If you are working with an agent that you don't trust, you need to move on, because there really is no point.

Belize is becoming a popular destination for 2nd home ownership and is also drawing investors from around the world who see its potential. Since I only have so many hours in a day and in the week that I can devote to my clients I try to weed out those who are just "tire kickers" and focus on the ones who are researching to buy.

If you commit to you then you have my attention and focus.

Isn't that what you want from your agent?

RE/MAX Island Real Estate - Why Commit Reason #2

I will stop being a salesperson and start being an advisor.

Hate all that sales-talk? So do I. Want your real estate agent to stop selling you? Look them straight in the eye and say "I'm buying a house with you, period, you are my agent". And mean it.

What will happen next? Most agents will morph right before your eyes from a salesperson into an advisor. Now that you've gotten that out of the way, they can start to do their job. What you really wanted isn't a guy to show you different properties. You want someone who can fill you in all of the details of buying and investing in Belize.

The level of detail that you will want and need to know takes time. If you commit to me then I feel comfortable taking all the time you need because I know that in the end I'm working with a loyal client and I'll have your best interests at heart.

You don't need someone to show you around Ambergris Caye and try to sell you something. You need someone that knows the island inside and out. You want them to be your trusted investment advisor so that when and if you do purchase any real estate in Belize you know you are getting exactly what YOU want.

RE/MAX Island Real Estate - Why Commit Reason #3

They'll make sure you know when you're wrong.

Imagine you are wrong about something. Not a little wrong, but very wrong and extremely convinced. Maybe you've gotten bad or outdated advice on the internet. Many of my clients have told me that as they've done research on the internet about Ambergris Caye and buying real estate in Belize they have come across conflicting info.

What's scary is the clients that DONT tell me this and are making decision based on BAD info! There is a ton of information out there both on island and on the net. Much of it outdated, false or biased depending on whose telling you the story Many realtors also do not convey accurate information.

Why? Because they may have a particular field of focus or expertise and not really know what is going on n other parts of the island. RE/MAX Island Real Estate makes it our business to know everything that is on the market in Ambergris Caye today and if its a good deal or not.

If you are looking at something that is NOT a good deal or worse a scam wouldn't you want to know?

RE/MAX Island Real Estate - Why Commit Reason #4

I come across great deals all the time and they only call their best clients.

I know you think you are gaming the system by emailing every real estate company on Ambergris Caye and telling them to bring you a "deal." However, as a real estate agent, I come across great deals all the time, and I won't be emailing them to anybody.

First of all, I have no idea who I am emailing. I could be emailing my competition or someone who is working with my competition. If you don't trust me enough to give me your phone number, why would I email you the best deal I came across in the last 3 months?

I'll give you an example. A year ago a developer on island came to me and told me he had to sell one of the condos in his project within 2 weeks. He desperately needed the funds. We discussed a price that we felt we could get which was $150,000 less then the list price. I went to 10 of my clients who were looking for good deals on beachfront condos. They had been pre-qualified and I knew they were cash buyers and if a good deal came up they would purchase. Within 48 hours I had not 1 but 2 condos sold at the greatly reduced price.

Needless to say, they are very happy they committed to purchase through me. If they hadn't they wouldn't have gotten in on that great deal. Now they are living the dream and own their own vacation home on Ambergris Caye.

How do I know if a client is really committed to buying and working with me? I know because we have talked on the phone or in person and have discussed the information they gave me in my "Important Buyer's Questionnaire". Many times they have also signed a "Buyers Agency Agreement". Both of these can be downloaded from my website or I can send them to you for your review.

RE/MAX Island Real Estate - Why Commit Reason #5

The best real estate agents have their choice of clients. This is especially true on Ambergris Caye.

Sure you might catch a good REALTOR® in a bad market and they go against their gut and work with you even though they know you are not fully committed to them. But, usually the best real estate agents can pick and choose who they work with based on whether your listing fits their business plan, whether you have saved a down payment, whether you are truly motivated, and also whether you are committed to them.

The truth is there are plenty of loyal clients out there, and a loyal and committed client is worth 10 times more than a disloyal one regardless of price range or almost any other factor, and every successful real estate agent knows that.

Remain uncommitted and you are lowering the chances of getting an experienced agent to work with you. You are, in effect, limiting your prospective agent pool to those that simply don't know or can't do better.


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